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Dear all Members and Visitors,

The result of Project's Meeting can be viewed in Weekly Meeting. We hold regular meetings every week in FMSE Labroratory from December 2010-June 2011 and resumed again in September till now.

So far, this research have produced some bachelor thesis, such as:
  1. Simulation of Software Requirement in Behavior Tree using SAL - by Niken Listya P
  2. Design and Implementation of Simulation Languages for Requirements Engineering in Form of Animation on Behavior Tree on TextBE (Textual Editor for Behavior Engineering) - by Ferdiansyah Dolot
  3. Translation of Specification in Behavior Tree to An Executable Abstract Behavioral Specification - by Emerson C Simbolon

We will hold Working Meeting (Raker) on Saturday, 11th Februari 2012. The goal is to integrate existing results and create integration paper.

Pertemuan Riset Behavior Tree

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Yth Bapak Ibu,

Untuk pertemuan pekan ini akan diadakan hari
Jumat jam 14.00 - 16.00 di lab FMSE.

Terima kasih,



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